Own Label

For a detailed presentation on our own-label offering please click here.

SNG not only develops leading branded products but also through our strong manufacturer relationships that have been built over time, we are able to get the very best prices for all your own-brand label retail requirements.

Products categories we supply for are:

  • Household Cleaning.
  • Laundry Detergents & Conditioners.
  • Shower Gels & Shampoo’s.
  • Cosmetics.

Through our research and development we are able to provide a range of varied products from small compact sizes through to big bulk versions, with variance’s in required quality available to ensure we have a product solution for any type of retailer.

We ensure:

  • Low price points for the consumer.
  • Wide product variances available, designed specifically for your USP’s to increase brand loyalty and repeat purchase.
  • A much higher margin with our best in industry supply and production costs.
  • Leading brand quality in all aspects from packaging, look, feel through to the results your product will provide.

We are serious about our commitment to sustainability and the image your products create so let us become your partner and help you to achieve the brand success your products deserve.