Independent Tests

SNG Ltd is an award-winning, established supplier of both branded and private label chemical cleaning products to the professional, commercial and retail markets.

Our goal every day is to create responsible, trusted brands and proven products that are synonymous with exceptional performance and value. One of our missions is to communicate our ‘exceptional performance’ message to our customers and consumers so they confidently make the ‘switch & save’. To ensure this mission is accomplished, we continuously independently test our products and have won the odd award along the way too. Below you will find some key information on our lines that have been ‘tried & tested’ by some of the most recognised bodies in the industry.






This hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested fabric conditioner was presented in its branded Senses Pure bottle, which many considered ‘would stand out’, and along with the competitive price point, was an attractive pre-trial proposition for many. The product was placed in the home for testers to use as part of their normal laundry routine. After trialling, the majority of the consumers were positive in their responses with over three quarters agreeing that ‘this fabric conditioner was good to excellent in terms of effectiveness.’ Some also suggested that their laundry ‘seemed softer out of the washer’ and that their clothes ‘smelt very fresh’.